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Area cash thor
Game studio
Area Vegas
Hit Rate
Win up to
5000 X
Freespins, Multiplier, Scatter Symbols, Wild

Area cash thor by Area Vegas at VIPs Casino.

Feel the electrifying power of the Norse God Thor in this captivating slot game, AREA CASH™ Thor!

Immerse yourself in the world of mighty thunder and lightning as you target locked prizes, freeing them with the immense power of Thor’s Wild Hammer. Unleash the divine power and brace for massive wins as you venture into the realm of Asgard, where the mighty Thor awaits to guide you to immense riches and exhilarating gameplay!

Get ready to feel the hammer of fortune as Prize Coin symbols land onto the reels. When the Wild symbol strikes the center reel and there’s at least one Prize Coin symbol in sight, brace yourself for the mighty AREA CASH™ feature!

The lock on Prize Coin symbols burst open, showering you with divine rewards. And that’s not all - if the Wild symbol comes with a multiplier, it electrifies all cash prizes and jackpots won during the feature. Oh, and watch out for the Free Spin Prize Coin symbols too, for they can unleash the power of Free Spins during the AREA CASH™ feature, propelling you to even grander victories worthy of a god!

No Prize Coin symbols in sight when the Wild lands in the center? Fear not, for the Surge Spin feature might just strike like Thor’s thunder!

The reels re-spin randomly, and with every turn, a Prize Coin symbol is guaranteed to land, sending sparks of excitement through your veins. Be prepared for a thrilling surge of surprises, including the chance to unlock Free Spins that’ll make your heart beat like Mjölnir’s thunderous strikes!

If the AREA CASH™ feature triggers with only 1 or 2 Prize Coins unlocked, brace yourself for the epic Power Prize feature! Reels will spin in a thunderous spectacle, and Prize Coin symbols will descend upon them like blessings from the gods. All newly minted Prize Coins instantly turn into powerful Jackpots, showering you with riches worthy of Thor’s legendary exploits!

Feel the surge of anticipation as the Prize symbol reveals the possibility of Free Spins - a treasure fit for a Norse God! When the AREA CASH™ feature unlocks the Free Spin Prize symbol, be prepared to embark on a quest for greatness.

The initial trigger grants 8 Free Spins, and for each additional Free Spin Prize symbol gracing the trigger screen, Thor grants you 5 more Free Spins! During these divine rounds, the center reel becomes an exclusive domain of Wild symbols, enhancing your chances of scoring godlike wins. And that’s not all! Should you unlock another Free Spin Prize symbol during the Free Spins, you can gain an extra +1 or +2 spins, keeping the adventure alive and rewarding!

When the base game spin doesn’t trigger the AREA CASH™ feature, hope is not lost! The Prize Coin symbols might decide to summon the Pick feature - a chance for you to make choices worthy of a deity. Match 3 icons to claim your well-deserved prize, and if one of the MAJOR, MINOR, or MINI matching icons carries a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier, rejoice! Your winning prize will be amplified by the displayed multiplier, gifting you with a bounty worthy of Odin’s favor. But remember, the Pick feature remains a secret from Free Spins - adding an extra twist of excitement to the base game worthy of a legendary tale.

With these thunderous mechanics, AREA CASH™ Thor promises an electrifying gaming experience filled with divine wins, thrilling features, and the chance to stand tall among the gods of Asgard! Spin the reels, harness the might of Thor, and conquer the treasures of the Norse realms!