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Archangels salvation
Game studio
Freespins, Wild

Good vs Evil. Angels vs Demons. It’s a story as old as time itself. And if there’s anything we do well here at NetEnt, it’s turn stories into slot games. So here it is: Archangels Salvation™ video slot.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the game is the beautifully rendered figures of an angel and a demon, hovering menacingly beside the reels. These two are not your placid shoulder-sitting angels and demons. They’re not here to give you advice on whether you should eat the last mince pie at Christmas or leave it for your Aunt Sally who hasn’t had one yet. All they want to do is hurtle fire balls at each other. And all you need to do is hit spin.

Featuring Free Spins, Wild Substitutions and 2 Wild Features, Archangels: Salvation™ is our first slot in history to have 100 bet lines and an impressive 6 x 12 layout. The reels consist of a long strip of symbols down the middle of the screen. The game has an additional highlight: two separate hot spot areas. Any Wild symbol landing in those areas will activate one of the two Wild Features. Daredevil players can win up to 375x stake in a single spin.

Let’s look at the features a little more closely. The 2×2 Wild symbol is a symbol block of 2×2 symbols. Stacks of Wild symbols and the singleton Wild symbol are generated only during the Heaven and Hell Features respectively. All Wild symbols substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter symbol.

There are 2 separate hot spot areas in the game, a top and a bottom one. They activate the Heaven and Hell features respectively. The features can only be activated if a 2×2 Wild symbol lands in any of the hot spot areas.

In Free Spins, the hot spot areas are increased to 3 rows.

The Heaven Feature is activated when a 2x2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the top hot spot area. If the 2×2 Wild lands partially in the hot spot area, 2 stacks of Wild symbols are generated. If the 2×2 Wild symbol lands fully, 4 stacks of Wild symbols are generated.

The Hell Feature is activated when a 2×2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the bottom hot spot area. The number of singleton Wild symbols generated is either 8 or 16, depending on whether the 2×2 Wild symbol landed partially or fully in the hot spot area.

The features will be reactivated if either a stack of Wild symbols or a single Wild symbol land in the hot spot area again. Either 1 stack of Wild symbols or 4 single Wild symbols are generated for each Wild symbol in the hot spot area.

3 or more stacked Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate Free Spins. The Scatter symbols are 2-stacked, meaning they occupy 2 positions on the reels. 3,4,5 and 6 Scatter symbols award 10,16,20 and 25 Free Spins respectively.