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Area cash heist
Game studio
Area Vegas
Win up to
5000 X
Freespins, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild

Area cash heist by Area Vegas at VIPs Casino.

Prepare to witness the vault doors swing wide open as Prize symbols land onto the reels. When the Thief symbol strikes the center reel and at least one Prize symbol emerges, gear up for the heist’s pivotal moment - the remarkable AREA CASH™ feature! The Prize symbols open, raining down a shower of incredible rewards. And that’s not all - if the Thief symbol carries a multiplier, it upgrades all gains and jackpots won during this thrilling feature. Keep an eye out for the Free Spin Prize symbols too; they hold the key to unlocking Free Spins during the AREA CASH™ feature, propelling you toward even more colossal victories fit for a top-tier thief!

No Prize symbols in view when the Thief lands at the center? Fear not, for the Surge Spin feature might just trigger, much like an unexpected twist in a successful heist plan! The reels re-spin randomly, guaranteeing the appearance of a Prize symbol with every spin, sending a surge of exhilaration coursing through your veins. Brace yourself for a pulsepounding surge of surprises, including the opportunity to unlock Free Spins that’ll make your adrenaline rush like a lightning strike!

If the AREA CASH™ feature triggers with only 1 or 2 Prize symbols, gear up for the epic Power Prize feature! The reels spin in a thunderous spectacle, and Safe symbols rain down like a windfall. Each newly obtained Prize symbol instantly transforms into a high-stakes Jackpot, showering you with riches akin to a legendary heist’s legendary exploits!

Feel the thrill of the heist as the Prize symbol hints at the possibility of Free Spins - a treasure trove coveted by any skilled thief! When the AREA CASH™ feature unlocks the Free Spin Prize symbol, get set for an extended chance to snag the loot. The initial trigger grants 8 Free Spins, and for each