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Amazing link zeus epic 4
Game studio
SpinPlay Games
Win up to
5000 X
Bonus Game, Bonus Symbols, Freespins, Scatter Symbols, Wild

Amazing Link Zeus Epic 4™ by SpinPlay Games.

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey in the mythical realm of Amazing Link Zeus Epic 4™! With each spin, the Amazing symbols beckon, their divine allure promising untold wonders. Gather six or more Amazing symbols on a single reel set, triggering the Amazing Link™ feature.

Hear the thunderous applause of the gods as the locked reel sets stir from their slumber, unveiling their secrets. Respins are bestowed upon you, and every captured Amazing symbol blazes with divine energy, held in both locked and unlocked reels, a testament to your destined greatness.

Dare to awaken the forces of Free Spins by unearthing three Bonus symbols on a single reel set. Ten Free Spins await, each reel set transforming into a breathtaking stage where the gods' power is magnified. Witness as a random reel metamorphoses into an Amazing Wild Reel on every spin, adorned with the awe-inspiring Wild Amazing symbols.

Yet, amidst the turbulent voyage, the realm of Zeus offers one final exhilarating surprise. Embrace the power of choice with the Pick feature, a thrilling gift bestowed upon you by the Amazing symbols. Feel your heart race as you match three icons, unlocking extraordinary prizes that surpass mortal expectations.

When designing the sound for this game, SpinPlay Games sought to plunge players headlong into the captivating world of "Amazing Link Zeus Epic 4™. Designed to capture the epic Greek God theme with sounds emphasizing the key features.