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Amazing legends
Game studio
SpinPlay Games
Very high
Win up to
5000 X
Bonus Game, Random Reward, Multiplier, Random Multiplier, Wild

Amazing Legends™ by SpinPlay Games at VIPs Casino.

Amazing Legends™ is set amidst the ethereal clouds, where the heavens serve as the majestic backdrop for the convergence of Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades. Here, in this celestial haven, the gods unite their powers not for rivalry, but for the greater good, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends mortal imagination. As the gods converge, the Amazing Legends™ Free Spins feature is triggered by one or more Bonus symbols appearing on the reels.

In the Amazing Legends™ Free Spins feature, players can land Bonus symbols to determine the features activated. Any Bonus symbol from the game that triggered the feature will transform into a Prize symbol at the start of the feature and lock into place. Poseidon's trident emerges as the beacon of fortune, signaling the arrival of the Amazing Legends™ Prize Boost feature.

When the Prize Boost Bonus symbol lands during the Amazing Legends™ Free Spins feature, it will display a random prize value.This random prize value will be added to the value of all locked Prize symbols. Keep a watchful eye on the celestial reels, for when the trident graces the heavens, it unlocks a cascade of prizes and initiates a mesmerizing display of oceanic riches.

Keep a vigilant eye on the divine reels, for when Zeus’ lightning bolt graces the heavens, it sparks a cascade of prizes, unlocking the mesmerizing Amazing Legends™ Collect All feature. During this feature, the Collect-All Bonus symbol collects the values from all locked Prize symbols.

Prior to the next Free Spin starting, the Collect-All Bonus symbol will transform into a Prize symbol and lock into place. Collect-All Bonus symbol only appears in the Amazing Legends™ Free Spins feature if it landed in the game that triggered the feature. This celestial emblem, guided by the thunderous influence of Zeus, transforms the gaming odyssey into a symphony of rewards that echoes through the heavens.

Traverse the celestial expanse of Amazing Legends™, where Hades' ominous Bident commands attention as the herald of fortune, initiating the exhilarating Amazing Legends™ Multiplier feature. When a Multiplier Bonus symbol lands during Free Spins feature, it will award random multipliers.The multipliers will randomly multiply locked Prize symbols. Prepare for the grand spectacle, for the Bident holds the key to infernal riches.